Town Board Ordinances

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3/19/2017Ordinance No. 2017-04 Amending 2009-03
Assessing a late fee and amending shut off policy.
2/8/2017Ordinance No. 2017-03 To Transfer From Fund
To Transfer Prescribed amount to Fund in need of money for cash flow purposes.
2/7/2017Ordinance No. 2017-02 Dormant Fund
To Transfer Dormant Fund Balance
1/17/2017Resolution No. 2017-01 IHCDA Housing Grant
Authorizing the application to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.
12/21/2016Ordinance No. 2016-11 WC Zoning B-4 Property Subdivision
12/20/2016Ordinance No. 2016-10 WC Zoning to Create B-4 District
12/6/2016Ordinance No. 2016-09 Encumbrance 2016 into 2017
10/18/2016Ordinance No. 2016-08 WC Zoning Compact Housing
7/20/2016Ordinance No. 2016-06 Establishing Uniform Internal Control Standards
7/19/2016Ordinance No. 2016-05 Establishing Fund 257 LOIT
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